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"When you hire our office you will be treated as a person and your case will be given the time and attention you deserve."

                                  - John M. Walsh

Appeals & PCRA

If you or a loved one have recently been convicted of a crime and want to know what options you have, contact the Law Office of John M. Walsh.  We are experienced appellate attorneys and have successfully obtained reversals in appellate courts.  We provide representation for all criminal appeals, post conviction relief act (PCRA) and summary appeals.


Just because you have been found guilty does not mean that your case is over. In fact, you may have the right to appeal your conviction and sentence. Even if you have plead guilty, you may be able to challenge your sentence under certain conditions. After being convicted of or pleading guilty to a crime, many individuals want a fresh set of eyes to review their case and to determine whether there are reasons why the Pennsylvania Superior Court, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the New Jersey Superior court, Appellate Division, or the New Jersey Supreme Court should either reverse the conviction or reduce the sentence imposed by the judge.


Unlike at a trial, on appeal, the issue in an appeal generally is whether the trial court made a legal error that affected the verdict or the sentence in your case. If the mistake was important, the conviction or sentence may be reversed, or a new trial could be awarded. Or, if the Judge made other errors, you could be entitled to a new sentencing hearing or the sentence could be reduced. But fresh eyes can make all the difference. That is why it is so critical to hire an attorney who understands the law relating to appeals and the procedures that apply to these cases.


Contact the Law Office of John M. Walsh for a free consultation to evaluate your options after a conviction.


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