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"When you hire our office you will be treated as a person and your case will be given the time and attention you deserve."

                                  - John M. Walsh

Probation/Parole Violations

Violations of probation are extremely serious matters. Even if you received probation, you can now be sentenced to time in prison for a violation of probation. The Law Office of John M. Walsh aggressively defends people who are accused of violating probation or parole. We have representing hundreds of individuals accused of violating their probation . If you or a loved one is charged with violating their probation or parole, contact us for a free initial consultation.


We aggressively defend people charged with:

  • Violations of Probation

  • Violations of Parole

  • Technical Violations of Probation and Parole

  • Direct Violations of Probation and Parole

  • Individuals with a detainer lodged against them


There are two types of probation violations. The first and often more serious is a direct violation. A direct violation is being convicted of a crime while on probation. The second type of violation is a technical violation. A technical violation is failing to meet one of the requirements of probation such as reporting to a probation officer, allegedly failing a drug test, or being unable to pay fines or costs. Many of these alleged technical violations arise from situations where the person on probation is not at fault.


If a person is charged with violating their probation or parole a detainer can be lodged. A detainer will hold that person in custody until the matter is resolved. This process can take months. We will immediately begin the process of attempting to have the detainer removed and the accused released from custody.


Contact the Law Office of John M. Walsh for a free initial consultation.


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