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Driver's License Restoration

Driver’s License Restoration New Jersey and Pennsylvania Driver’s License Problems Restoring your driver’s license, once it has been suspended, can be a difficult experience. Contact a lawyer who will educate you about the effects of a license suspension and what you need to do to restore your driver’s license. Mr. Walsh defends people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey courts as well as in administrative hearings before PennDOT and the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).


Pennsylvania License Suspension

Before you start serving your license suspension, you must acknowledge the suspension by filing the appropriate paperwork with PennDOT. Without doing this, PennDOT will never restore your privilege to drive. Any time spent on suspension before acknowledging that suspension with PennDOT will not count towards your suspension period. You could be suspended for years without receiving any credit for suspension from PennDOT. If you find yourself in this situation, there are some ways to receive credit. Once you have been suspended, you will face a longer suspension period each time you are cited with driving under suspension. You will receive additional suspension periods of at least a year. You need to protect your future driving record by challenging traffic tickets today. We will challenge outstanding traffic tickets, appeal current convictions, defend out-of-state residents, seek credit for Pennsylvania suspensions, and restore a suspended driver’s license.


New Jersey License Suspension


The Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will suspend your license for failing to pay fines and surcharges, driving while intoxicated, getting too many points on your driving record, driving without insurance, and receiving many other traffic violations. Mr. Walsh will defend you in traffic cases involving a driving under suspension charge and in hearings before the MVC. Mr. Walsh can help you restore your driver’s license. Driving under DUI License Suspension In both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, driving under suspension is a serious offense. Driving while your license is suspended for DWI is even more severe. In both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, driving while your license is suspended for DWI carries mandatory jail time. Consult an attorney if you have been charged with driving when your license has been suspended due to a DUI or a drug-related offense.


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