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"When you hire our office you will be treated as a person and your case will be given the time and attention you deserve."

                                  - John M. Walsh

Drug Offenses & Conspiracy

Being accused of a Drug Possession or Sales can cost you your job, your family and even a lifetime time in prison. The Law Office of John M. Walsh aggressively defends people against these types charges in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Do not plead guilty to the charge, or accept any offer from the prosecutor, without first consulting an experienced criminal defense lawyer. If you or a loved one is charged with a Drug Related Offenses, contact us for a free initial consultation.


Drug Possession


Anyone possessing illegal drugs or narcotics for

the purpose of personal use or distribution can

be charged with drug possession. Drug possession

charges are extremely serious and should be

handled by an experienced drug crime attorney.

We provide outstanding legal representation,

advice, and guidance to clients accused of a drug

possession in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and

Federal Courts.


Possession with Intent to Distribute


In Pennsylvania, individuals can be charged with possession with intent to deliver (PWID) through evidence of direct sales or expert testimony that the weight or other evidence that points to intent to sell.  Officers often use surveillance or confidential informants to make their cases.  In a possession with intent to deliver case, it is extremely important to have a skilled attorney from the very beginning.  The preliminary hearing can be used to set up a motion to suppress physical evidence (drugs).  If a motion to suppress is successful it is often the end of the Commonwealth’s case.

Our office has successfully represented hundreds of individuals charge with possession or PWID.

If convicted of drug offense a person can be sentenced to any of the following penalties:

  • Misdemeanor or Felony Offense

  • Up to 40 Years in Prison

  • Up to $250,000 in Fines

  • Restitution

  • Community Service

  • Probation

  • Parole

  • Drivers License Suspension

  • Drug Counseling/Rehab

  • Permanent Mark on Criminal Record


Contact the Law Office of John M. Walsh for a free initial consultation.


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