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Possession with Intent to Deliver in PA

A criminal charge for Possession with Intent to Deliver (PWID) is a very serious offense, a felony. “Intent to Deliver” means to distribute, manufacture or produce, or sell drugs and is also known as drug trafficking.

Depending on several factors, such as the amount of the drug and the type of drug being delivered, prison time and enormous fines are just a few of the penalties you face if convicted. Penalties for manufacturing (or growing/producing) illegal drugs are the same as possession with intent to distribute/deliver. Furthermore, the law makes no distinction between selling drugs for profit and giving them away, so even offering a friend drugs can put you in danger of a PWID charge.

The quantity of drugs in the offender’s possession is oftentimes the determining factor as to whether you will be charged with a Drug Possession charge or PWID. In addition, there are times when the police will use confidential informant (CI) or undercover officer to make controlled buys from suspected drug dealers. If you are suspected of having drugs for more than personal use, you could be charged with PWID.

It is important to have a skilled attorney who can challenge a PWID case at trial and also have the ability to file and argue the correct pretrial motions. Often times, it is a pretrial motion to suppress that wins a PWID case.

If you have been charged with PWID in Philadelphia or a surrounding county, contact the Law Office of John M. Walsh by phone at 215-758-9200 or email for a free consultation.

-John M. Walsh, Esq. is an experienced Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney and the Managing partner of the Law Office of John M. Walsh.

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